Lord & Midgley


Lord and Midgley (part of Morley Waste Traders) is one of the region’s largest recycling companies. They employed Vic Coupland Ltd to project manage and aid the design and installation of a new ‘Frag’ machine. The machine itself is over 120m long, consumes five megawatts of power and has an eleven thousand volt supply, resulting in the local electricity network provider having to alter the HV infrastructure in Hull to accommodate the extra load.

The project, managed by Vic Coupland Ltd, will take over two years to deliver and involves the design and procurement of the infrastructure, worldwide conferencing with companies in the UK, Germany, Wales and the United States, which due to different time zones ensures precise management and coordination.

Once commissioned, the machine will enhance Lord and Midgley’s business considerably and is a worthy investment

The project is proof of the diverse spectrum of capabilities Vic Coupland Ltd possesses.


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