Preston Road Village Centre


Vic Coupland Ltd, in partnership with one of Hull’s leading developers, delivered the design, installation and commissioning of seven buildings, which formed the major part of the Preston road village centre.

The work was carried out for Preston Road Neighbourhood Development Company, which was one of a number of development companies set up by the government to regenerate inner city areas.

Each building was completely different in design and use, which included:

  • The award winning Freedom Centre, which included a large community hall, gymnasium, medical treatment centre, hair salon, café and offices
  • An Adult learning facility
  • Child Dynamix child care centre
  • Retail unit 1, which included offices
  • An expressive Arts building
  • Retail unit 2, a multi occupancy building
  • A youth centre

Each building was designed to be multi-user to give best use and attract people from all parts of the community.

The electrical systems included the design, installation and commissioning of state-of-art colour changing lighting systems, metering, solar PV, power, lighting, fire alarm systems, call systems, door access, IT infrastructure. Each building had its own specific requirements. Electrical systems were designed to be practical, energy saving and resilient.

The company has also recently carried out an upgrade to the Freedom Centre, which extended the gymnasium and also added a stylish function room allowing weddings and conferences to take place.


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