Electrical Testing & Inspection contractors in Hull and East Yorkshire 

Vic Coupland has been providing the highest quality of electrical services for almost a century. Our electrical testing and inspection services are suited to all types of businesses and public sector organisations, ensuring the safety, reliability and compliance of your electrical systems. As a leading M&E contractor in Hull, we’re proud to deliver outstanding electrical testing to clients in East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and across the UK. 

Keep your employees safe with electrical testing 

Electrical testing and inspection encompasses a range of assessments and checks designed to identify potential hazards, prevent electrical failures, and guarantee adherence to regulatory standards. The main purpose of inspections is to identify potential faults, loose connections or outdated components that could lead to electrical fires or equipment malfunctions. By addressing these issues proactively, businesses can create a safer work environment for employees and reduce the likelihood of accidents and emergencies caused by electrical failures. 

Electrical inspection on any scale 

Our skilled electrical engineers offer comprehensive electrical testing services, which include the inspection of wiring, equipment and electrical installations to mitigate risks and maintain the integrity of your electrical infrastructure. Whether you run a small office, a healthcare facility, a factory, a school or any other kind of premises, we’re here to keep your electrical systems safe and sound. 

Maintain business continuity 

As well as being hazardous, an electrical fault can cause major disruption to work premises, ranging from equipment failure to building-wide blackouts. Electrical reliability is at the heart of uninterrupted day-to-day operations, making regular testing a proactive service that prevents costly downtime. 

Keep your premises compliant 

Keep your premises compliant 

Compliance with regulatory standards is a legal requirement for businesses and organisations in the UK, and electrical maintenance plays a crucial role in meeting these obligations. Our testing and inspection engineers will ensure that your electrical installations adhere to the Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) and other relevant industry standards. We’ll also provide all of the documentation and certification required for insurance purposes and regulatory audits. 

We’re your electrical testing and inspection specialists 

Regular electrical testing and inspection is at the heart of a safe and compliant organisation. To find out more, give us a call on 01482 323346 or fill in our contact form
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