Lightning Protection contractors in Hull and East Yorkshire 

Though it may not always seem a priority, lightning protection is imperative for all types of businesses and public sector organisations. Without suitable protection, a lightning strike to your premises could potentially damage buildings, short-circuit equipment, and cause harm to personnel. That’s why Vic Coupland provides professional lightning protection solutions in Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and across the UK. 

Mitigate risk with lightning protection 

Lightning protection systems are designed to mitigate the risk of lightning-induced fires, structural damage and disruptions to critical operations. Our role is to deliver a comprehensive package that includes design and installation based on factors such as the building's height, location, and its susceptibility to lightning strikes. We can also provide regular servicing and maintenance to keep your lightning protection system reliable and effective for many years to come. 

Executed with precision 

Our lightning protection systems are executed with precision to ensure total compliance with industry standards and regulations. Vic Coupland’s skilled electrical engineers use specialist equipment and materials to install air terminals on the highest points of a building, connect conductors to form a continuous path, and establish effective grounding systems. The installation process creates an interconnected network that can efficiently dissipate the energy from a lightning strike, minimising the risk to structures and their occupants. 

Surge protection solutions 

Surge protection solutions 

As a leading M&E contractor, we can also provide surge protection services to safeguard electronic equipment within your premises. Surge protectors are installed at key points in the electrical distribution system to prevent voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, which could otherwise devastate sensitive electronic devices. This holistic approach ensures that your business-critical hardware and data is protected against the indirect effects of lightning-induced electrical surges. 

We’re your lightning protection specialists 

Vic Coupland is a leading M&E contractor that can deliver comprehensive security, CCTV and access control solutions on any scale. To find out more, give us a call on 01482 323346 or fill in our contact form
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